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Kareegaree- Pioneer in Construction and Interior Designers

Kareegaree serves commercial, industrial, multi-family residential and individual house construction projects across Rajasthan. With our team of experienced professionals and workmen, we facilitate a full design build service and fulfill specific technical requirements within the development process. Our focus on creativity and our energetic approach to construction attracts a variety of commercial and residential clients across Rajasthan. Kareegaree is a relationship focused builder, forming a trust and respect that is at the forefront of our conduct and our commitment to quality.
Kareegaree is about delivering construction services at the highest caliber of quality and customer value. Each project is a collaboration with our clients, facilitating the transition from idea through to construction in a comfortable and confident manner. The reputation we’re building is one of genuine care for clients, innovative construction projects and a determination to keep projects on time and on budget. Our team supports the customer throughout the process with timely answers and updates on progress.

  • Experienced work men team

  • Committed to complete the project with in time

  • Reliable & Pioneer in developments

  • Skilled & qualified engineers and interior designers